Nigel Rudd, Account Manager, Colin Littlechild and Mark

.. dating back to 1953 and we are still doing the same job for them today!

Here’s the story:
Cougar Engineering Services (Formerly Bird & Tole Air Sampling Products)

Bird & Tole were an engineering company established in 1953 based in Bledlow Ridge, Bucks producing air sampling and test instruments principally for the MoD, the Nuclear Power and Pharmaceutical industries.

When they developed their first range of equipment for air sampling they needed a business to produce specialised cards which hold the filters in place, so they turned to a local firm Greens. Between the two companies a range of cards was designed for different units which Bird & Tole then stocked, and sold as consumables. Bird & Tole decided to close their factory doors in 2004 as many of their MoD contracts had ended, but their air sampling customers still needed support. So an engineer who used their products, Colin Littlechild of Cougar Engineering Services, struck a deal with Mr Tole to take over the brand name and continue the product line.
Colin is an Engineering Consultant who had experience in the Nuclear Power industry and a good understanding of their air-sampling requirements. Over the years Colin has developed the products and updated them to suit modern equipment and still continues to supply the air sampling equipment and the filter cards.

On 15th March 2016 Colin visited Greens to celebrate being our oldest customer. Greens Ltd is still the supplier that Cougar Engineering Services commissions to produce the air sampling cards to this day more than 60 years on from that first order.