Communicate better using Print

Two Sides logo with left textGreens joins Print Power and Two Sides, the industry leading bodies, that promote print as a high quality way of communicating and as a sustainable product. Please go to their websites to see for yourself at and We have known for some time that people read more when it is in print, especially news and features, but new statistics about just how weak emails and attachments are compared to print are starting to appear. Also as paper is from a harvested fruit in wood pulp so measuring the effects of its sustainability to that of electronic device use and running huge server farms has proved difficult. But new research is again showing just how much ‘e-noise’ on the web is deleted or goes unread making it an interesting debate for the best way we continue to communicate in all forms. The new ‘small data’ theory of targeting key customers with strong messages they can ‘experience’, by touching and feeling as well as read easily especially compared to on a mobile screen, is becoming important. As technology use increases does people’s understanding of its effectiveness. Only time will tell.